Sarah went to a private Catholic school in Indiana.  That only had 189 kids in her entire class in high school. So, when it came to asking boys out on dates and her coming from a school that only had 15 graduate from her 8th grade class. She didn’t know too many people from grade school. Plus, SHOCKER, she was extremely shy in high school. If you remember in our last high school notes,  Sarah was in a relationship with Brian from the band. Well, that fell apart over Christmas break and he did in fact end up leaving her for Kim from the band!

So the first order of business when you get back from Christmas, you have to lock down that Valentine’s day dance DATE!

Newly single, not knowing many people. Shy. Awkward.  Sarah embarks on her dating quests.

This is the set of notes after getting back from vacation between Sarah and her best friend, Katie.



How are you today? I know it’s hard seeing Brian and Kim especially since they can’t seem to stop holding hands in the hallway but forget her. We have the Valentine’s Dance coming up. Who do you wanna take?



I don’t even wanna go. I’ve been listening to End of the Road over and over again on my Walkman and I just can’t stop crying, I just wanna be home watching TRL and just forget about Brian and Kim.



You’re going. You have to show this doesn’t bother you. There’s a guy in our gym class, his name is Dan. You should go with him.



Dan? Dan who? What’s his last name? What does he look like. It’s the first day of class I don’t remember a Dan. Plus, they have us do activities separately. How am I gonna know which one he is or to even get him alone to ask him?


Sarah ,

He’s the one with Brown hair and Adidas Samba shoes. He’s wearing the checkered red , white and blue tie today and I don’t know his last name.

Do it!




I can’t just ask some guy I haven’t even met and don’t even know if he wants to go to a dance with me. That’s so awkward.  I’m not going.





You are going. DO IT AFTER CLASS!  You me and Alyssa can all go to dinner together. She’s going with Sean, I’m going with Nick. It will be fun! Do it! Before someone else asks him! He’s cute. It’s going to happen and then you’ll be left with no one.


Hey, I ask Dan he said, that sounds fine. I told him I would call him later with details. The dance is six weeks away so we better get a reservation before all the good places fill up. I wanna go to that place with the pasta bar.


I’m proud of you. Yeah that place is the best. You can go up as many times as you want. It’s going to be fun. Promise!

sarah and dan Sarah Peppers High School Notes Results In The Most Awkward Dance Photo EVER!


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