My mom had her basement redone. She got a new ceiling put in and apparently he forgot to tack a few things in because it started to fall in! So this was my sister fixing it. Pretty solid if you ask me.

So guy who was supposed to use nails and tacks. YOU HAD ONE JOB!

one job You Had ONE Job!


This one was really close to home. Around Christmas, the in-laws wanted to take a professionally shot family photograph. My wife and I went to great lengths to make sure all THREE of our kids were ready for the picture (we know how kids get when you ask them to sit still for a picture). The picture was going to be taken on Saturday at 2pm. We built our ENTIRE Saturday schedule (and most of Friday night too) around making sure our kids were properly rested, fed, bathed, dressed up, and entertained so we could get their best effort for their Grampy and Gigi.

Did the picture go well? NO!!! Why? Because my sister-in-law did NOT follow the same plan. (By the way: everyone should follow the Sheen family plan). No nap! No lunch! And so, not a SINGLE picture worked!!

Even though I’m gonna get in so much trouble for talking about this story, my sister-in-law had ONE JOB!!!


Our sister station Sports Radio 610’s morning guy, Mike Meltser, has the same Starbucks coffee addiction as myself and Sarah Pepper, and we came up with a great way to get our caffeine fix since the SBux location closest to us doesn’t open early enough before our show starts. We asked Mike (who goes on the reg) to simply get us our coffee when he gets his, and we’ll Venmo him each time he brings it in. So easy, right?!

Well, we have successfully made this happen only ONE TIME since we started this agreement, but today…on this lovely Friday, Mike came through and surprised us with some coffee and got the orders all correct and everything!

Excepppptttttt he forgot the straws. All he had to do was grab two straws so we could actually DRINK OUR DRINKS!!

We thank you so much for the sweet gesture Mike, but YOU HAD ONE JOB!!!!


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