Sarah Pepper’s Weekend In Five Photos

Friday night my best friend Elizabeth and I wanted to try out a new restaurant. I feel like i eat at the same place every single weekend. So I opened it up to Facebook and asked for suggestions, inside the loop. Sorry, I had to be up early on Saturday so I couldn’t venture very far.  Gloria said to try Union Kitchen and it was AMAZING!

These are their scallops. AMAZING!

It was the final weekend for LONG runs for those of running the Half-marathon and Full Marathon this coming weekend and I got mine in on Saturday.

Congrats to all of those who have trained and are running this weekend.

Saturday night it was time to celebrate! It’s my birthday month so I celebrate all MONTH long! We went to eat at El Tiempo with Lauren, her boyfriend Gabe, my friend Hunter and his wife, Alicia and of course, my best friend Elizabeth. Salt and lime on that beer please.


I don’t have any pictures from Sunday during the day because I binged watched “Stranger Things”.


Then on Sunday night it was time for Katy Perry!

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