There are two rival schools in Michigan when it comes to swimming but even with a rivalry win on the line, the heart of the champion knows that doing the right thing is the real victory.

Xavier Stubs is a swimmer for  Corunna and he had just finished his part of the relay and he said, quote, “I look over in the stands and my best friends’ dads were pointing down and screaming at me to look down, and I looked down and I see this kid just completely limp, floating to the bottom of the pool,” Xavier Staubs said.

He jumped back in the water and swam all the way to the bottom and was helped by another one of his teammates.  When they got the swimmer to the surface he w as helped out by his coach. They say he is alive because of the help of the opposing team.

Xavier said it was about, “doing the right thing” because “that’s how he was raised”.

Many people pointed out that the two schools have a long standing rivalry in many sports but none of that matter when it came down to someone’s life!

Xavier told the news, quote, “There’s always this competition no matter what sport it is, but really our communities are three to four miles apart. And even though there’s that rivalry, there’s a friendship,” he said. “And even though, you know, no matter what the outcome was of any event that we have, when people need help, good people step forward, and that’s what life is all about.”



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