I have had my dog Bailey for over 14 years and from what I can gather from the shelter I got her, she’s around 15 or 15 1/2 years old. We have been through A LOT together. She lived with me at Ikea while I collected toys for Toys For Tots.

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She has traveled all over the United States with me.

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I’m not married. I don’t have kids. I have Bailey and it’s been a pretty rough 48 hours.  She has some blood in her pee and has for a while and they thought it was a Urinary Tract infection. However, when it didn’t stop. We thought the worst, cancer. She had to go in and get an Ultrasound and the good news is, it’s not. However, she has nodules on some organs and although she is ok now, it looks like her health is going to start to be expensive and I don’t even care. I will pay whatever it takes.

I will even stop buying lotto tickets to keep my girl.

However, how far do you go?



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