Fashion is a funny thing. New trends sometimes hit. Sometimes they miss. Were you ever apart of a fashion trend and you look back and are like MISS, big miss!

What was it?


Let’s talk about perms! I thought they were amazing and fought with my mom every day¬†because I wanted one!¬† Please, mom please mom please mom let me get a perm. She finally cracked and I got it, I was so pumped! I literally look back at those photos though, I look like Toadie from “Super Mario Bros”.

Nailed it!



I bought my “when I get a real job” sports coat back in 2005. I was SURE I was eventually going to need something like it. I wore it to fancy events a couple of times, but since most people who work in radio “dress up” by wearing their *clean* t-shirt, I haven’t really needed it since. But I kept it in storage all this time.

Fast forward to last weekend. I had to go to storage to get some winter clothes for my wife. Going through some of the boxes, my dad found a wardrobe box. Inside this box was my sport coat. My dad asked, “is this mine?”

When you have the same fashion as your 70 + year old father, you have to re-think your fashion!



Ooohhh mannn, the 90’s was a fun decade for me, but definitely not for my fashion sense. I pretty much had none, lol. Can we talk about wearing an ALLWHITE PANT SUIT OUTFIT WITH A VEST AND TURTLE NECK?! What the heck?! I’m so embarrassed. Why does this picture still exist?? And check out my friend Kristin’s over the knee socks and that striped shirt! YEAH!

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