I grew up in the Midwest and snow was a part of my childhood, so was ice, so was sleet and moving to Houston it isn’t something we deal with all the time but today, winter is coming!

So we want you to be ready and here are some tips so you don’t learn a lesson the hard way.

If you windshield has ice on it. Don’t put hot water on it.¬† It can crack the glass.

Don’t drive if you don’t have to. Best to stay home.

Don’t speed over overpasses. They are the first to freeze and it may NOT look slick but it will be.

Don’t take photos while you’re driving. I know you want that SNAPCHAT! Especially cause they have that amazing snow filter, but come on, it’s not safe to do that when it’s nice out, definitely¬†not when the roads are bad.

Don’t just clean off a small part of your windshield, clean off the entire windshield.

Don’t immediately drive when you start your car. Give it time to “warm up”.

Don’t tailgate someone. This is a common thing in Houston on the daily but when the roads are bad, your start time will be cut and you don’t wanna be the one causing the wreck.


Fill up your gas tank

Use the proper headlights

Follow at a safe distance

Keep a blanket in your car

Becuase cautious and aware of your surroundings.


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