Brand new year, a lot of people are looking for new jobs or maybe, you have had a few days off and you realized. “I hate my job. I wanna do something else.”

Well, if you love chicken nuggets, your dream job is here

You would have to relocate because the  job is a store chain in Merseyside, England and it’s a, quote,  “Chicken Nugget Connoisseur.”

What are you going to be doing? It says you’ll be sitting around and tasting chicken nuggets, fish sticks, and other frozen foods to find out which are the best brands.

It’s not full time and I don’t know how much you get paid but I do you get $35 a month in gift cards to buy frozen foods from the stores.


Click here if you wanna apply. 

As for our dream jobs on The Morning Mix?


I wanna own a pizza shop. Have always wanted to. I LOVE PIZZA!


President. Of anything. I mean POTUS seems like a pretty good gig, but as long as someone calls me Mr. President, that would be SWEET!!!


I’d be down for anything that deals with playing with puppies all day! How could you not love going into work every day with PUPPIES?!




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