Phones aren’t just phones anymore. Our cell phones are just mini-computers that cost A LOT of money. Yet, a recent survey at Buzzfeed says 22% of us treat our phones like cheap pieces of plastic. That’s how many people have gotten angry and thrown their our phone across the room! Buzzfeed also had this info about cell phones:

1.  Have you ever cracked the screen on your phone?  62% of us have.  38% said their screen has always remained intact.

2.  Do you ever use your phone on the toilet?  94% said yes, including 79% who said they always do.  Only 6% said they’ve never used their phone in the bathroom.

3.  Have you ever dropped it in the toilet, and had to fish it out?  23% said yes!

4.  Do you sleep with your phone in the bedroom?  92% say yes, including 9% who put it under their pillow.

5.  How many chargers do you have?  30% said one, 37% said two, 20% said three, and 13% said four or more.

6.  Do you have more than 30 apps on your phone?  64% said no.  36% said yes, including 8% who said they have WAY more than 30.


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