Lauren KellyBy Lauren Kelly

Ahhhh those three little words…you know which ones I’m talking about. Those three little words you yearn to hear, and I’m not talking about “I brought tacos…” LOL

I’m talking about “I LOVE YOU!

When did you say ‘I love you’ to your significant other? Did you say it first? How long into your relationship did you wait?

You guys know that I’ve been dating my boyfriend Gabe for almost 8 months now, and I said “I love you” first. And I meant it!

When you know, you know…and I for sure knew that I meant it whole-heartedly. Was I worried that Gabe wouldn’t say it back? Not really. I was (almost) 100% sure he felt the same way. (okaaaayyy there was a little part of me that was a little worried that he may be in shock when I said it, but I had nothing to worry about!)

I said it when we were about 4 months in. Are those three words something that I should’ve waited for him to say? Is there a rule that guys have to be the ones to say “I love you” first??

img 6622 Is It Ok For A Woman To Say I Love You First?


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