Sometimes I wonder if kids today will truly understand how good they have it. You all have cell phones. Phones that aren’t the size of a backpacks.  You can find anything on the internet. You don’t have to look anything up in an Encyclopedia. You probably don’t know what an Encyclopedia is! Your parents tell you that you’re special every day! You have like FIVE HUNDRED CHANNELS!  You can record a show on your DVR not your VCR and not worry about your dad tapping his fishing show on Saturday morning over 90210!

You have the life!

You are L-I-V-I-V!

So why are you eating TIDE PODS! You have access to more education than any other generation and you are using that to record yourself eating TIDE PODS! SERIOUSLY!

All you had to do was sit back, create apps and build a better world with everything at your finger tips and you chose to EAT TIDE PODS!




There are guys that LOVE golf, but this is just too much.

A Naples, Florida, golf course featured a reptilian smackdown between an alligator and Burmese python and it was caught on camera!

Which begs the question: WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU STAND ANYWHERE NEAR AN ALLIGATOR AND PYTHON!?!!?!? Run for your life!!! You have ONE job…TO LIVE!!!



This past week with the freezing weather, I was supposed to go over to my sister’s house while she was outta town and turn her water ON so her pipes wouldn’t burst.

Well, ummmm, I got really cold, got in my bed and accidentally took a nap and forgot to go over there and guess what happened….HER PIPES BURST EVERYWHERE.

She got back in town and immediately called to chew me out about the mess she found.  OOPS.



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