We all have that one thing that drives us crazy. It grinds our gears. It pushes our buttons. It *&$*#(@ @&#*$*!!!


Stop trying to cut the line when we are all trying to get on the overpass! Just because you aren’t using your turn signal, I know what you’re doing!! Look for my blue Rav-4 out on the roads. And know that I’m not letting you in because I followed the rules and got in line legally!!



Why won’t my wife answer her phone? And she’s not alone! According to a survey I conducted with other husbands in Houston, roughly 97.39% of wives do NOT answer our phone calls. Because the phone was at the bottom of your purse. Or you left it in the other room. YOU GUYS HAVE POCKETS IN YOUR PANTS TOO!!! Answer the phone! PLEASE!!!!! 😉



People that flake out when we’ve made plans. Hey, please stop doing that!! I’ve already made the reservations for all of us and then I have to change them at the last minute. It’s too hard for me to trust you!!


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