Have you seen the riots? Over Nutella?! Now, don’t get me wrong. I love Nutella but I’m not rioting over it! Apparently, the price of Nutella dropped in Paris and POLICE had to be called in because people were rioting and pushing and showing try to get the Nutella! IT’S NUTELLA!

All you had to do was enjoy the savings and get you some Nutella. It wasn’t like it was going away. It wasn’t like it was being discontinued. It was just on sale!

All you had to do was shop.




At the risk of getting in trouble, my wife made a pretty huge mistake yesterday. She did a play date with our baby daughter (whose name is totally Sarah Jean Sheen) at a coffee shop. There wasn’t a parking garage in the area, so she had to use one of those parking meters. Later that day (like HOURS later), my wife got a Facebook message from a total stranger telling her that she found my wife’s credit card in the parking meter. I’ll have to wait until the end of the month to find out if we just paid for everyone’s parking in Houston, but in the meantime, she HAD ONE JOB! Take the credit card with you!!



Last night we got a group together to go play Bingo in the Heights for Sarah’s birthday. We got alll the things ready for the big event: a chick-Fil-A nugget tray, some champagne, cookies, chips, hummus, a veggie tray, twizzlers, Pringles, Miller Lite, nachos, and well…you get the picture.

I really felt like my cards were gonna be lucky ones, and I as really feeling like I could win big in one of the games! Well, I didn’t. I got close and was “cased” (one number needed) in TWO different games, but O-75 never came around!!

To my bingo cards who were supposed to win me BIG BUCKS last night: YOU HAD ONE JOB!!!

At least Sarah had a fun party!

img 7041 You Had ONE Job!


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