All these folks had ONE job!


I thought I was being the most awesome faux aunt of all time! My faux niece was turning 10 which is a BIG deal. It’s the only time you add a digit until you turn 100 so I wanted to do what all cool Faux aunts do and that’s send balloons to school!  Well, it had been a few days and not that I want a thank you but it’s nice to get one and I didn’t so I called to ask if she got them and she sounded confused. She said, she did but she got them from Sharon! I was like, “Do you know a Sharon” and she said, “no”. I said, “Put your mom on the phone”. I told her I was Sharon and they got the name wrong and that she said she didn’t even know a Sharon wasn’t that weird and she said, she just thought it was another mom or a coach or something.

So to the Florist who I spelling my name for THREE TIMES and said THREE times Sarah with an H thanks for sending flowers to my faux niece with the name SHARON with an H!



You guys ever watch Jeopardy? These folks really needed to study up on football. You had ONE job, nerds! 🙂


Did you get to see the Super Blue Blood Moon Wednesday morning?

They said It’s was a Super Moon because it’s the largest full moon of the year, and it’s a Blue Moon because this will be the second full moon in January. And it’s a Blood Moon because it’s a lunar eclipse that turns the moon red.

They said the best time to see it was going to be between 6:15 and 6:30, so we watched. And watched….and watched….


I mean, the eclipse part was cool and all…but I didn’t see any kind of red-colorful moon that was predicted to be seen!




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