96 Second News: Kylie Jenner Reveals Baby Name; ABC’s ‘Once Upon A Time’ Cancelled

Author: Lauren Kelly

**Kylie Jenner announced the name of her newborn daughter, and it’s…STORMI.

STORMI WEBSTER SCOTT that is…if she’s given her dad, Travis Scott’s last name.

Someone on Twitter was quick to make an interesting point: The KARDASHIAN girls seem to be formulating a WEATHER FORECAST with their kids’ names. Quote, “It will be Stormi with the chance of Reign in the North of Chicago.”

Kourtney Kardashian has a son named Reign, while North and Chicago are two of KIM’s kids.

It’s reign & stormi in the north west of Chicago 😂😂😭😭 they got a whole forecast now

— ERICA (@Princessgee11) February 6, 2018


**One more thing about Kim Kardashian

Just so you know, there is no such thing as an impromptu selfie in her world. Everything she posts on social media is stage-managed to the tiniest degree.

According to Britain’s “Mirror” tabloid, Kim’s team of 12 stylists even have their own wing in her house, so they’re ready at all hours. Quote, “They have a special text tone for when Kim messages, which sounds like a fire alarm.

“And if it rings at 3:00 A.M., the team has to head to wherever Kim is in her house with lighting equipment, editing tools, a make-up and hair kit, and their best selfie game.”

And whenever Kim posts a picture of herself, chances are she took HUNDREDS just to get that one “perfect” shot.



**ABC is canceling its fairy tale series “Once Upon a Time“. The show’s currently in its seventh season . . . and it’s not getting an eighth. It premiered in October of 2011 to 12.8 million viewers.

But after a massive cast overhaul this season, it’s only been averaging 3.8 million.

One of the show’s creators says they knew this might be the last season, so they’re prepared with an ending that wraps everything up.



**Right now, people on Twitter are arguing over the right way to take EGGS out of the carton.

There are four main camps: Remove the eggs from right to left . . . remove them left to right . . . alternate the sides so the carton is always balanced . . . or do something weird, like taking them from the middle or grabbing them randomly.

For what it’s worth, a YouTube math show once actually tackled the question.

And they say the best thing you can do is remove two eggs at a time, both from opposite sides, to keep the weight in the center . . . that way, no matter how anyone grabs the carton, it should be balanced so no eggs accidentally fall out.

**Could the lighting in your office be making your dumber?

Researchers at Michigan State University just did a study that looked at how lighting affects our ability to learn and remember things. They exposed rats to two different types of lighting.

One was designed to mimic the kind of lighting you see in most offices. The other was more like daylight, so a lot brighter.

And after just one month, the rats that were exposed to office-style lighting lost about 30% of capacity in the part of their brain associated with memory and learning. Yes, it literally changed the STRUCTURE of their brain.

The good news is it’s reversible. The researchers exposed the same rats to bright light for another month, and their brains fully recovered.

Unfortunately, most companies probably won’t change their lighting setup just because of one study done on rats, but opening a few window blinds . . . spending more time outdoors . . . or putting a lamp on your desk probably won’t hurt.


**You’d probably assume that the place serving cheap, fast food would be a GROSSER place to eat than a five-star restaurant, right?

Well, surprise: you’re wrong.

A company called Restaurantware just ran a study where they swabbed a bunch of fast food joints and fancy restaurants and tested those swabs for bacteria. And, yep, the fast food spots were WAY, WAY less infested with germs.

They only found an average of around 60,000 traces of bacteria at fast food restaurants, and almost all of them were in the bathrooms.

Meanwhile, they found over eight MILLION at the five-star restaurants . . . and those germs weren’t just in the bathrooms. Half of them were on the condiments, and about 7% were in the water that was served.



**New England Patriot Rob Gronkowski‘s home was robbed Sunday while he was playing in the Super Bowl.

His home in Foxboro, Massachusetts was hit by burglars on Sunday at 8:50 P.M. Eastern during the game. In fact, if that time is accurate, it’s LITERALLY within MINUTES of when he caught a touchdown pass at the beginning of the third quarter. The NFL announced his touchdown at 8:48 P.M. Eastern.

He noticed the break-in when he got back home on Monday, and called the cops.

TMZ has a clip from the call, where Gronk says, quote, “This isn’t an emergency . . . this is just uh, Rob Gronkowski calling. And while I was gone, my whole house got robbed while on the Super Bowl trip and I just got back.”

Police are not disclosing any information on what was stolen or any possible suspects.


**Arnold Schwarzenegger is Doing a Western Series for Amazon

When you think ARNOLD, I’m sure you think of these three genres mainly: Action, comedy, and action-comedy. But apparently, he thinks it’s time to branch out, because he’s doing a WESTERN series for Amazon.

It’s called “Outrider”, and he’ll play a federal marshal who immigrated from Europe as a kid. This will be Arnold’s first TV series, although it’s not his first Western, though.

He actually did a Western movie in 1979 called “The Villain”, with KIRK DOUGLAS and ANN-MARGRET.


**Some foods really don’t need to be spicy. Like, ice cream.

There’s an ice cream shop in Glasgow, Scotland that just created a special Valentine’s Day flavor called Respiro Del Diavolo . . . or “breath of the devil.” And it’s so hot, you have to sign a WAIVER before you eat it.

They say the ice cream is 500 times hotter than Tabasco sauce, and the waiver acknowledges that by eating it you, quote, “could be at risk of personal injury, illness, and possible loss of life.” Happy Valentine’s Day!



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