Bailey Ray Pepper, 15, passed away yesterday just before 6:00 Central time surrounded by her loving friends and family. Bailey was adopted in 2004 by her loving mother Sarah Pepper from the Humane Society and they were a match from the start. Bailey, original Kebler, had her named changed immediately because Sarah didn’t feel that she could have a dog named after an elf when she was only 4’10.

The two of them traveled everywhere together. They were two peas in a pod. When Sarah moved to Houston, she crammed her car full of everything she owned. She didn’t bring a bed, or a tv, she brought clothes and Bailey and when the moving truck lost her belongings for two months. She and Bailey slept happily on an air mattress on the ground.

Bailey slept with Sarah at Ikea when she collected Toys for Tots. Traveled with her to dog adoptions to support buying and adopting shelter dogs.  She made numerous road trips to Indiana, Georgia, Louisianna, and Nashville, just to name a few.

Bailey loved watching  Snapped and all the other reality shows. She loved Garth Brooks music and sitting outside in the lawn laying on her back soaking up the sun. Although sometimes she had accidents on the floor and sometimes stole food off your plate, she made up for it with her sweet smile and her unconditional love.  She wasn’t your conventional dog. She wasn’t one to play catch, or fetch, she walked to the beat of a different drum like her mom.  She was truly one of a kind.

Your goal in life should be to be able to love someone as much as Bailey loved everyone.

Bailey was the best of Sarah. She was the calm to Sarah’s chaos. The sweet to Sarah’s sometimes Sass.  She was, in short, the best friend you could have asked for and she was a fighter to the very end.

She will be greatly missed.

She now joins Sarah’s brother in heaven and the family is pretty sure that the two are already sitting, toes in the sand, beer in their hand, soaking up the sun.

In Leau of any gifts or flowers, charitable donations can be made to any animal shelter.


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