‘Beverley Hills 90210’ Star Jason Priestley Joins The Morning Mix!

Author: Lauren Kelly

We’re gonna give you one name: JASON PRIESTLY.

Yep, we’re talking about the one and only, BRANDON WALSH from ‘Beverley Hills 90210!’

Jason joined the show to talk about his new show, “Private Eyes” which is set to premiere February 11th on ION TV, but of course we had LOTS of other things to talk about also. We caught up on how he got started in the business, his best and worst Hollywood auditions, 90210, and whether he’d be Team Lanister or Team Jon Snow. We LITERALLY could not contain our excitement.

We tweeted about Jason joining the program, and it turns out that you guys were just as excited to share your Brandon Walsh memories!! Take a listen to the interview below!!

We love you Jason Priesley!!

I still think he is one of the loves of my lifeeeee ❤️ #90210 #brandon @Jason_Priestley #faveshow pic.twitter.com/GsuxhhW2Ym

— justgabby. (@Gabby_Francis) February 6, 2018


@Jason_Priestley 😘 the LOVE of my Life 😍💓 #sexiestmanalive #bh90210 #PrivateEyes pic.twitter.com/85DZCuQSg3

— ✨Patty✨ (@Patricia__Braun) February 6, 2018


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