96 Second News: It’s National Pizza Day! Movies Out This Weekend; Kim & Khloe Grab McDonalds…In Their Rolls Royce

**Today is National Pizza Day!

Here are some results from a new survey celebrating the “holiday” . . .

1. 57% of people say they LOVE pizza . . . 41% say they wouldn’t go as far as to say they love it, but they like it a lot . . . and 2% say they hate pizza. How can you hate pizza?

2. 30% of us eat pizza at least once a week.

3. 22% of us can eat an entire pizza by ourselves.

4. Our favorite toppings are: Cheese . . . pepperoni . . . sausage . . . mushrooms . . . bacon . . . onions . . . green peppers . . . black olives . . . Canadian bacon . . . and pineapple.

5. And finally, 4% of women say they’d rather eat pizza than have a boyfriend. 3% of men would choose eating pizza over having a girlfriend.


**81% of couples in a new survey said they’re planning to do something for Valentine’s Day this year, but a quarter of them aren’t all that excited about it.

26% said they’re BORED with Valentine’s Day. And they mostly have their own lack of creativity to blame for it. 53% admitted they usually just do the same thing every year.

Here are three more stats from the survey . . .

1. 80% of people said that an EXPERIENCE is the best Valentine’s Day gift. If you need ideas, the top things people want to do are go to a concert . . . do an escape room . . . tour a cultural attraction . . . and take a cooking class.

2. 68% of couples said they’re hoping to have SEX on Valentine’s Day. Apparently the rest just can’t be bothered.

3. About 20% of people in the survey said they DREAD Valentine’s Day each year. And that’s people IN relationships. If you asked single people, it would be much closer to 100%.


**New in Theaters:

1. “The 15:17 to Paris” (PG-13)

In 2015, three American tourists stopped a terrorist attack aboard a Paris train and saved the lives of more than 500 passengers. Those heroes . . . Anthony Sadler, Oregon National Guardsman Alek Skarlatos, and Airman First Class Spencer Stone . . . all play themselves in the movie. It’s directed by Clint Eastwood.

The rest of the cast includes Jenna Fischer, Thomas Lennon, Judy Greer, and Tony Hale from “Veep”.

2. “Fifty Shades Freed” (R)

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson are back for the conclusion of the “Fifty Shades” trilogy as Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele adapt to their life as newlyweds and someone kidnaps Christian’s sister, Mia Grey. She’s played by Rita Ora.

3. “Peter Rabbit” (PG)

James Corden is Peter Rabbit in a movie version of the classic Beatrix Potter children’s book. His sisters Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail are Margot Robbie, Daisy Ridley, and Elizabeth Debicki. And Domhall Gleeson is Peter’s nemesis Mr. McGregor.

In addition to trying to sneak into McGregor’s vegetable garden, Peter is also competing with him for the attention of McGregor’s animal loving next door neighbor, Rose Byrne.


**Jimmy Buffett has given up looking for his lost shaker of salt. In an interview with the “New York Times”, Jimmy said that he’s on a new diet these days . . . and that means he can’t get ‘wasted away’ as much as he used to.

He said he only occasionally drinks margaritas these days . . . quote, “I don’t do sugar anymore. No sugar and no carbs. Except on Sunday.”

Good news is, at least he isn’t retiring from touring. Jimmy turned 71 last Christmas.


**Pregnant celebs crave fast food and drive thru sometimes too you know, only it seems odd when they do it in their fancy cars.

Khloé Kardashian and Kim Kardashian grabbed a quick bite at McDonald’s the other day…but the two sisters cruised through the drive thru in a black Rolls Royce.

Kim road shotgun as pregnant Khloe did the driving and placed their order. Although Khloé tried to keep a low profile in black sunglasses, one fan driving behind them couldn’t help but to snap a photo.

McDonald’s has always been a favorite stop for the girls, and Kim even took to Snapchat in June 2017 to profess her love for McD’shot apple pies and Fish Fillets.



**Speaking of McDonalds…

Ever wanted to wear a huge diamond-encrusted hamburger on your finger? Now you can…

McDonald’s just had a jewelry designer make a Big Mac ring. It’s made from 18-karat gold, it’s got a bunch of diamonds, sapphires, and other jewels . . . and it’s worth approximately $12,500.

And if you want it, all you have to do is tweet about your love of the Big Mac using the hashtag #BlingMacContest before Valentine’s Day.

Then they’ll pick the best tweet and give that person the ring.



**A Restaurant Is Offering a $3,000 Burger . . . With an Engagement Ring on the Side

Nothing says “Will you marry me?” like having to wash ketchup off of a diamond ring.

A restaurant in Boston called Pauli’s is offering a special burger for Valentine’s Day: It costs $3,000, and it comes with a diamond ENGAGEMENT RING.

According to the owner, no one’s preordered it yet but there are a lot of people who are, quote, “Very interested.”



**According to “Us Weekly”, Carrie Underwood and husband Mike Fisher are trying for another child. A source said, “Everyone around [Carrie] knows she wants a big family, and they’re always trying for another baby.”

This isn’t totally new. Somebody asked her about it last fall and she said, “It’s all in God’s timing.” They have one son, Isaiah, who’ll be turning three in a few weeks.

Speaking of Carrie, her song “The Champion” with Ludacris will be all over NBC’s Olympics coverage.

So, somebody asked if she has a favorite Winter Olympics sport. She said, quote, “Growing up, I always loved figure skating. I always thought the girls were so beautiful and graceful and strong and athletic.


**Cheetos is introducing a new limited-edition flavor, Cheetos Winter White Cheddar Curls, in honor of the 2018 Winter Olympics.

The new flavor is to show support for the USA’s Curling team during the games.

Cheetos has also joined forces with YouTuber Todrick Hall for the commercial, in which he performs and dances along to “Teach Me How to Curl.”

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