You Had One Job!

This week had some ALL TIMERS for The Morning Mix! All these folks (especially Lauren) had one job and they totally blew it. We even have the photographic proof!!


Norway has 109 Olympians participating in this year’s games.
Their chefs were ordering their food for the games and instead of ordering 1,500 eggs, they ordered 15,000. Now they are left with 13,500 EXTRA EGGS!
They told a Norwegian paper, Aftenposten, that the chef “received half a truckload of eggs” and that there was “no end to the delivery”.
The good news is they were able to return the unwanted eggs.



As I wrote on Twitter when this happened on Wednesday, this lady has locked up “Worst Mom of the Year” and it’s only February. Jacob Copeland is a high school kid that was selected by ESPN to announce his college commitment live on TV. If you don’t know much about National Signing Day, high school football players from around the country commit to a school that they want to play football at. As Jacob announced he had chosen to play at Florida (rather than Alabama or Tennessee), his mom (decked out in all Alabama gear) walked off in anger. Listen to Jacob’s voice. He’s CRUSHED. Jacob’s mom. Just sit there. Fake a smile. You can return the car that Alabama gave you later. You had ONE JOB!

Boo, Jacob’s mom.



Yesterday Sarah, Geoff and I got to hang on the BLUE carpet at the Houston Sports Awards downtown. Everyone from George Foreman, Earl Campbell, Hakeem Olajuwon, George Springer, AJ Hinch and lots more came through, and I got super excited to see fellow Longhorn, Vince Young!

Of course we HAD to get a pic with him, since I went to UT and he played for them WHILE I WAS THERE…but nothing was more embarrassing than messing up the HOOK EM sign I accidentally threw BACKWARDS!!!

Vince’s lady called me out that I actually gave the “ROCK ON” instead of the “HOOK EM”. How embarrassing!!! Of course I flipped my hand and made everyone re-take the picture.

To my fellow Longhorns, I am truly sorry.


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