Lauren KellyBy Lauren Kelly

If you haven’t updated your Snapchat app yet, DON’T DO IT! The update is terrible, and it has upset A LOT of the app’s users. Tons of people threatening to delete it from their phones altogether.

Stories and Friends were combined into one page, with celebrity and publication stories in an entirely different section. The update came with a lot of backlash, making the once easy-to-use app confusing and frustrating.

But have no fear! Luckily, there’s a way to get your old Snapchat back. There have been a few different ways people have claimed to fix it, but not all have worked. THIS ONE DOES! (any least temporarily) We just did it and it’s legit!! So if you’re willing to follow these steps, you’ll get the old Snapchat back!!

1. Delete the app

While it will say that all your data will be deleted, don’t freak. All your previous snaps and contacts will still be there.

2. Open your phone settings and go to iTunes and App Stores, turn off “automatic downloads” for Apps and Updates.

You may not need to turn off both, but per directions, it states to switch off both.

3. Re-download Snapchat

4. Type your username in the log in screen BUT DON’T LOG IN! Instead, click on “Forgot your password?”

5. Snapchat will ask you how you want to reset your password. Choose to reset your password via PHONE.

6. Now you get to prove you’re not a robot by clicking pictures of ghosts.

7. Snapchat is going to be sly and ask for your digits. Type in your cell number and hit “Continue”

8. You’ll receive a text from Snapchat with a confirmation code. Put that code in the app.

9. Choose your new password.

10. Now re-open your app and BAM! Old Snapchat is back!


***FYI, so far…we’ve only gotten it to work on the iPhone, so…sorry Android users. Another side note: some phones are reporting Snapchat automatically switching back to the new version even after this fix. I think they’re catching on! Let’s just hope they come up with an another update…QUICK!!***




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