Lauren KellyBy Lauren Kelly

**This makes my heart hurt. There was ANOTHER horrible school shooting yesterday.

It happened at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, and seventeen people were killed. Parkland is in southeast Florida, about half an hour north of Fort Lauderdale.

That makes it one of the 10 deadliest mass shootings in U.S. history, and the fourth-deadliest school shooting. It’s also already the EIGHTEENTH school shooting in America in 2018. It’s February 15th.

The shooter is a 19-year-old former student at the school who was expelled for disciplinary reasons and according to the police, his social media history is, quote, “very, very disturbing.”

The shooter initially got away afterwards, maybe by blending in with other kids who were running away, but the police quickly caught him, and now he’s in custody.


**Starting today, Target shoppers in Houston will be able to shop online and get same day delivery! Awwww yeah! Best news!

According to ABC 13, all you have to do is scroll through the aisles on the Target app or website and create an order from your local store. A worker with Shipt will collect those items and send live updates from the store aisles. Your order will be delivered in as soon as an hour.

In December, Target announced its acquisition of Shipt, which allows it to bring the same-day delivery option to about half of its stores in the early part of this year.

Target said the option will be available at the majority of its stores and in all major markets by the 2018 holiday season.


**The musical “Hamilton” is coming to town!

One of the biggest shows on Broadway is coming to the Bayou City!

If you’re looking to score tickets to the show, they go on sale on Feb. 23rd 10 a.m. con Ticketmaster’s fan portal.

The lottery system allows pre-registered fans to get tickets without having to compete against bots and scalpers.

Ticket prices range from $80 to $592.


**A new study out of Purdue University in Indiana found that people are the happiest when they make between $60,000 and $75,000 a year. That lines up with what other studies have also found in the past.

But these researchers took it further, and they wanted to see how much money it took for people to feel MORE than happy . . . they looked at when people felt like they’d achieved their financial goals and they were SUCCESSFUL.

And the answer is . . . about $95,000 a year.

They found that when people made more than that, it actually made them LESS satisfied . . . because they started wanting nicer things that they really couldn’t afford and would compare themselves to richer people.


**A Woman Is Suing California to Make the State Recognize Bigfoot Is Real.


You know the only thing that’s more American than seeing Bigfoot? Filing a lawsuit about it.

A woman named Claudia Ackley from Crestline, in southern California swears she saw Bigfoot when she was hiking last March. But she’s upset that the state isn’t taking her seriously. So now, she’s SUING California to try to make the state recognize that Bigfoot exists and classify him as a species. She has a court hearing next month.


**Lake Jackson Parks & Recreation is hosting its third annual Adult Flashlight Egg Scramble.

The 900 person adult egg scramble will have more than $9,000 worth in prizes, which include 4K HDTVs, gaming systems, laptops, outdoor gear, getaways and a lot more.

More than 10,000 eggs will also be filled with candy and other prize coupons.

People will need to bring a flashlight and bag to collect eggs in the dark at the MacLean softball fields.

The eggciting event will be March 29 at 93 Lake Road. Gates open at 7:45 p.m., and the scramble starts at 8:30 p.m. on the dot. Folks who are even a minute late will not be able to participate.


**Houston Texans cornerback Jonathan Joseph got the athletes of Willowridge High School hitting the weights again.

After the school underwent a massive mold remediation and cleanup last year, Joseph and United Healthcare donated new weight room equipment for the school. The new items were damaged by mold discovered on campus last summer.

The donation was made possible by a $10,000 grant from United Healthcare to Joseph’s Dreambuilders program.


**Piston’s player Blake Griffin‘s ex-girlfriend Brynn Cameron is suing him for PALIMONY . . . after he dumped her and ran off with Kendall Jenner.

Blake and Brynn were together on-and-off for eight years, and have two kids. She says they made an oral agreement in 2013 that she would quit her job to raise the kids, so he could concentrate on his basketball career.

She says she also acted as his, quote, “personal assistant, meal planner, scheduler, stylist, publicist, party planner, nurse, nutritionist, branding expert, therapist, cheerleader, basketball and fitness consultant, and more.”

They finally set a wedding date for July of last year. But a month before the wedding, he asked her to sign a prenup. She refused, because she said it contradicted their agreement.

So he bailed on the wedding and, quote, “immediately embarked on a high-profile affair with [Kendall Jenner].” Then, she claims, he stopped supporting her financially. So she wants MILLIONS from him.


**John Krasinski shared his thoughts on a possible reboot of The Office — and it’s safe to say he’d say yes in a heartbeat.

During an appearance on Ellen, John was asked if he’d heard the rumors that the sitcom was coming back, he responded: “I did hear that … on the internet.”

He continued to joke, “Guess who didn’t get a call? Me. What does that say? NBC is like, ‘You know who we didn’t like? Jim.’”

Ellen finally asked the question that every fan of Dunder Mifflin is wondering about a reboot: “Would you do it?

“Oh my god, are you kidding? I would love to,” he said of reprising his role of Jim Halpert. “I’d love to get that gang back together.”


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