You only had one thing to do and you BLEW it! You had ONE job!!!


As a cheerleader, your job is to pump up the crowd, get them going and be the one who makes it happen during the game. Not get kicked out. I mean, I can understand that you are into it, you are cheering, you are in the game! However, when the referee asks you to stop calling out people by name, you may wanna stop.

This Arizona State Cheerleader didn’t heed the call. Because he when he was asked to stop, he just kept going and was eventually kicked out of the game! Oh he brought it!



I really, really blew it this week. We have three children. The baby (whose name is totally Sarah Jean Sheen) has been great this week. She’s sleeping better. She can play in her exersaucer. But she’s still a little fussy. Well, it turns out that she should have been WAY MORE fussy. My wife took the baby for her wellness visit at the doctor. He says, “your baby has conjunctivitis and she’s got an ear infection.” First of all, Sarah Jean might be the toughest baby of all time. Second, how did we miss her PINK EYE?!?!?! We have ONE job! Make sure our kids are healthy. And we didn’t even know when one of them wasn’t!!! #Fail



Team USA snow-boarder Red Gerard has had a heck of a time during the current winter games so far.

The 17-year-old Colorado native, who won gold in the men’s snowboard slopestyle event, had an interesting day in Pyeong Chang last Saturday. First off, his roommate, Olympian snowboarder Kyle Mack, had to wake him up after Gerard overslept. After he got up and was getting ready to compete for the day, he realized that he couldn’t find his jacket and had to borrow his roommate’s. (he made it to the event on time btw)

Even though Red was in last place going into his third run, his final performance was so great that it earned him a gold medal. After his performance, he was being interviewed when he just couldn’t contain his excitement and dropped an f-bomb on live tv. Gotta love being a typical 17 year old, lol.

To Olympic gold medalist Red Gerard…even though you pulled it off…YOU HAD ONE JOB!!!


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