On Friday night in Tomall at Adriatic Cafe sat Peyton and Emily and their closest friends. Emily thought that she was going out to dinner with her friends to celebrate her 3-year-anniversary. She had no idea that outside on the patio sat Sarah Pepper and Geoff and the staff of the Morning Mix ready to come in and help her boyfriend, Peyton, with the surprise of a lifetime. A proposal.

As their meals came, Geoff played the role of a manager and asked them if they were celebrating anything. They said “yes” and so he left to go to the kitchen to prepare their “free dessert”

Here is Peyton’s submission: “She has changed my life so mcuh since we met in college. Lliterally, she is my best friend, and she deserves nothing less than the world. And I want to tbe t he one to give that to her”.


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