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**As the Astros are gearing up for the new season, what are some of the songs that get them hyped up for a workout? David Nuno over at ABC 13 got a chance to ask some of the guys what they are  currently listening to…

Dallas Keuchel: Kygo

Tony Kemp: Drake, 2 Chainz, Chris Brown

Jake Marisnick: Erich Church, Sublime, Rage Against The Machine

Josh Reddick: a lot of countrym but really a little bit of everything…depending on his mood. Country is his go to though.

George Springer: (he’s the locker room dj btw!) He gets the day started on a soft note with some reggae (Bob Marley maybe?) then progresses throughout the day. But specifically, NO DESPACITO. He’s over that song. lol


**According to ABC 13, a Flash Flood Watch has been issued for Houston and parts of Southeast Texas through 3 p.m.

Scattered showers and thunderstorms are likely through the morning and into the middle parts of the day. Meteorologists Travis Herzog and Collin Myers say 2-4″ of rain is possible across the region, with some spots seeing locally higher amounts.

A few strong thunderstorms also cannot be ruled out. Things should start to wind down after the early-mid afternoon.

The rain could be heavy enough to cause some isolated street flooding, but bayou flooding is not expected at this time.

Another weather system blowing through Texas this weekend will bring us another chance of rain both Saturday and Sunday. The rain looks to hold off until after the Rodeo Parade, and it will still feel like spring outside.


**Peeps just announced EIGHT new flavors for Easter:

1. Sour cherry, available at grocery stores.
2. Neapolitan, at Target.
3. Lemon sherbet dipped in fudge, at Target.
4. Orange sherbet dipped in fudge, at Target.
5. Pancakes and syrup, at Kroger.
6. And three mystery flavors, available at Walmart.

All of these new flavors should hit those stores soon.



**A new study says that tv medical dramas . . . particularly “Grey’s Anatomy” . . . can give you false expectations when it comes to the realities of medical care, treatment, and recovery.
For the study, doctors watched all 269 episodes of the show, focusing on the 290 trauma patients. And they found that their experiences didn’t necessarily mirror those of REAL trauma patients.

For example, the cases on the show tended to be more severe, and progress more quickly from the ER to the OR. Also, their conclusions were more cut-and-dried. On the show, patients tended to either die or get sent home pretty quickly.

In reality, trauma patients tend to take a lot longer before they’re ready to go home.

Also, 22% of trauma patients on “Grey’s Anatomy” DIED . . . compared with 7% in the real world.


** has a list of the ‘25 Best Movie Supervillains,’ and it already includes Michael B. Jordan’s character in “Black Panther”.

According to the site, each villain had to be a primary antagonist in a superhero movie that had a theatrical release . . . and the best are the ones that are “visually interesting,” and are “played by actors who know how to light up the screen.”

Here’s the Top 10:

1. The Joker, played by Heath Ledger in “The Dark Knight”
2. Erik Killmonger, played by Michael B. Jordan in “Black Panther”
3. Catwoman, played by Michelle Pfeiffer in “Batman Returns”
4. General Zod, played by Terence Stamp in “Superman” and “Superman 2”
5. Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston in “Thor”, “The Avengers”, “Thor: The Dark World”, “Thor: Ragnarok”
6. The Joker, played by Jack Nicholson in “Batman”
7. Mr. Glass, played by Samuel L. Jackson in “Unbreakable” and the upcoming “Glass”, which is a sequel to both “Unbreakable” and the 2016 movie “Split”
8. Magneto, played by Ian McKellen in “X-Men”, “X2”, “X-Men: The Last Stand”, “X-Men: Days of Future Past”
9. Lex Luthor, played by Kevin Spacey in “Superman Returns”
10. The Joker, voiced by Mark Hamill in “Batman: Mask of the Phantasm”


**Selena Gomez was all smiles after jetting off to Jamaica to celebrate Justin Bieber’s dad’s wedding.

Selena posed alongside bridesmaids on Monday, who sported a light pink ensemble as she stood in the corner of the photo. Although the original photo has since been taken down, Selena’s fans reposted it.

Justin’s dad, Jeremy Bieber, shared a photo via Instagram of himself and fiancee Chelsey Rebelo over the weekend boarding a private plane to the Caribbean.


**Kesha Has Postponed Her Tour to Have Knee Surgery

Just when Kesha finally got her career back on track, she suffered a setback. She’s being forced to postpone her tour to have knee surgery.

She tore her ACL during a recent performance, and she broke the news on Instagram. Quote, “I’m heartbroken. It’s my biggest joy in life to share my music with my fans all over the world, but I have to follow my doctor’s orders.”

For now, she’s postponing shows in Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, and Japan. She’s hoping to be back for the launch of her North American tour on June 6th.
“It was unfortunate but it’s a great memory,” Rodger said. “It’s going to be a great memory.”


**Is Ben Higgins trying to be the ‘Bachelor’ for a second time? That’s what many people thought after watching him break down on last night’s “Bachelor Winter Games.

Tiffany was the first this week to realize she wasn’t finding love in the house, so left. That decision led Ben Higgins to realize he may be in the same place — without a match. He said that he wasn’t excited about the thought of dating and even if his perfect match walked in, he may not be into it. He turned to his BFF, Chris Harrison, for advice. He then said that if he was broken again by someone, he’s “not full enough right now to recover from that.”

He broke down in tears over his ex, Lauren Bushnell, not really because of her, but because of how he felt being in the house. “As much as I’ve moved on and I have, it still hurts,” he said. He then said his goodbyes, through tears, telling the house that being there brought back “ghosts.”


**Jay-Z spent President’s Day weekend reportedly spending thousands at New York City’s finest bars and restaurants.

According to Page Six, the 48-year-old rapper dropped more than $110,000 on Sunday, February 18, to celebrate the birthday of his close friend Juan “OG” Perez, who is also president of his company Roc Nation Sports.

At the first stop, Zuma in Midtown, the New York native treated OG and a group of Roc Nation executives to dinner, which totaled a tab of $13,000, the outlet reports. The group which included Jay’s cousin Emory Jones and OG’s wife and Roc Nation’s chief operating officer Desiree Perez — then made their way uptown to Made in Mexico where the “Empire State of Mind” singer dropped more than $9,000 on drinks that included Jay’s own D’Ussé cognac.

The group headed to Playroom for their third stop. At the nightclub, they ordered — and paid full price for — 40 bottles of the Champagne owned by Jay called Ace of Spades. According to the outlet, Jay was spotted sharing the wealth and handing bottles out to other tables in the club. The lucky server who garnered a massive $11,000 tip at Playroom posted a picture of Jay’s check, which totaled $91,135, on Snapchat.



**Billy Graham, the charismatic North Carolina pastor who took his evangelizing crusades around the country and the globe, died on Wednesday morning, according to officials of his organization.

He was 99 years old.

Graham served as a counselor or minister to a dozen U.S. presidents, and he preached to an estimated 200 million people in 185 countries around the world during his life. His message reached millions more as he maintained a near-constant presence on radio, television and the internet.


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