This list comes from Time and I’m only going to post the top three. If you wanna see the full list you can click here.

  1. Times You Made Them Feel safe

All those moments you held them after a bad dream or when the monsters were in their closets and you made them feel safe. Those will stick with them forever. From what I read in the article and can remember from my childhood, there is no better feeling, than that feeling of being safe. That no matter the chaos in the world. My mom made me feel safe.

2. The times you gave them all of your attention

PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE! YOU’RE MISSING IT!  That’s a true story!  Especially according to this article, kids judge us by the attention we give them. If you are paying more attention to social media than your kids, what does that say to them?

Plus, that buzzfeed quiz will be here tomorrow, your kid’s first steps and great moments won’t and you can’t get those back.


3. How you treat your spouse.  The interactions that you all have.

That is their first view of a relationship and what a relationship should be. What they see is what they will learn.



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