Sarah Pepper and Lauren Kelly tell me that this happens to the ladies all the time, but I don’t think it happens very much with guys.

My former co-worker (who we are calling Nolan) is the worst person I’ve ever met. The details are endless, so I can’t really list all his faults. When I left San Antonio to move to Houston, I was happy to leave many of my former colleagues behind. He was the top of the list.

Yesterday, I was shocked to see he had sent me a friend request on LinkedIn.

First, I barely use my LinkedIn. It’s for adults and I work in radio. Second, there was never a point where we were friendly. Why would we connect when there is no reason to? So many questions!

Sarah and Lauren have many theories about why he tried to connect. Frankly, I have no idea why. But Sarah and Lauren say women do this to each other all the time. Y’all need to keep track of your enemies and whatnot!

So, who is the “Nolan” in your life? The person you never wanted to hear from again, but tried to re-connect for some reason.


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