Lauren KellyBy Lauren Kelly

Today we go back to 1998 for Lauren Kelly’s sophomore year! Let’s take a look at what happened on her 16th birthday, right when she got her driver’s license! Here is Lauren talking to her high school bff, Julie:


So are you gonna come with me after school to go to the DPS? I finally get to get my license!! My dad said after I get it I can use his car all day. That’s the one that we are going to be sharing…I’m so excited, it’s a bright red 2-door Saturn! Let me know if you still wanna join. Talk to you after lunch,

Hey girl, yeah I still wanna come with you to get your license later! I am so excited that one of us will finally be able to drive. I can’t wait to be able to not have to wait on my brother for a ride home after school. Ugh, he’s so rude when he leaves us. And I’ve seen your dad’s car, it’s so cute, it’s got a sun roof to, yeah! I’ll meet you at your mom’s car after school.

(…the next day…)

Hey Julz, I can’t believe we got lost yesterday after we drove to the mall! I mean, we’ve gone there so many times, I thought I knew how to get out of there and go home! Those left turn lanes are too confusing with the U Turn lanes..I’m definitely going to need some driving practice, oops! It was so fun though with the sunroof down…until we got rained on! Want a ride home from school today?


I wouldn’t worry about getting lost. Technically, we weren’t lost…we just kept getting in the u turn lane and it kept taking us in circles!! I bet we would’ve had more time to cruise around if you had more gas. Sucks we had to take the car back because we didn’t have any money for the gas station! Maybe next time your mom will give us her gas card to use for a couple of bucks. And yes, definitely riding with you home today, my brother said he wasn’t waiting for us because we take too long to come outside.

Ugh why is your brother so rude? He’s only one grade older than us and all of his friends are so nice, maybe one day he’ll need a ride and we’ll tell him NO the same way he does to us! Oh and I asked my mom about the gas card idea, she said that I can’t take it with me because she doesn’t want us stopping to get gas on our own. Something about her not thinking I know how to put the gas can top back on correctly. Whatever. She’s gonna put some gas in before I use the car next. See you after school at our spot!

Oh that’s nice of your mom to give us a little extra gas! That saves us some time anyways, now we’ll just have longer at the Galleria. Oh I forgot to tell you! My dad said that he’s been looking for cars for me in the newspaper to find the right one for me for my birthday! I think he’s gonna get a really good deal on this Mitsubishi Eclipse. The only problem is that it’s got a stick shift so I’ll learn first, then I’ll definitely teach you how to drive it. It shouldn’t be too hard. TTYL,


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