Lauren KellyBy Lauren Kelly

A lot of things can unexpectedly happen on your wedding day…I’m sure getting stuck in an elevator is NOT one that you would plan for!

Well that’s exactly what happened to Rhode Island bride, Melissa Rodger. Her dream wedding was going perfectly, until it came time for the reception.

“I jumped in the elevator and we started to go up,” Rodger said. “The elevator just kind of shuttered and we thought, ‘oh weird.’” And then her worst fear came true, she was STUCK in the elevator, wedding dress and all!

Melissa and to of her wedding planners were in the Providence Biltmore elevator just four feet shy of the 18th floor, but they weren’t going anywhere.

“I was hoping that it would just take a minute. Two minutes. Five minutes went by and I thought, ‘OK, this is – something might be wrong,’” Rodger said.

Soon the fire department came and pried the doors open.

Rodger missed the cocktail hour as firefighters worked to determine how she could get out — without ruining her dress. However, that crisis was averted with a technician came and got the elevator working again.

“It was unfortunate but it’s a great memory,” Rodger said. “It’s going to be a great memory.”


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