I was thinking about this all day yesterday after Throwback Theatre. One of the clips was from “City Slickers” where Curly is talking about his one thing. The one thing that you live for that is the “secret to life”.

It hit me while I was driving home. I mean, it was a cheesy movie back in the day but I loved it and when I saw it the first time in middle school it never hit home like it did yesterday. I guess because when you’re in middle school the world really hasn’t hit you yet. You may have lost a grandparent but most of us haven’t really seen the hard times to come and coming up with that “one thing” doesn’t seem so hard as it can be as an adult or maybe, your “one thing” is completely different than you thought.

For me, what I have learned is all the things that I thought would make me happy, in the end, weren’t where happiness lied.I remember in high school I thought if I got my license that would make me happy. Then getting into college, then getting into a sorority, then graduating, then getting a job and what I realized as I was sitting in traffic yesterday on 610 was that I was chasing happy. Not living happily.

That’ “one thing” isn’t something you run after. At least for me, it’s what has always been right in front of me. My family. They’re my one thing. It wasn’t a car, or a house, or a diploma or a job. It’s family. So when you start to get wrapped up in the race. Remember your “One Thing” and it can’t be bought.




Lauren: I love my family. I mean I LOVE LOVE L-O-V-E them. And I am so blessed that they live here in Houston so I get to see them any time I want.


Now that I have my boyfriend Gabe in my life, he is my everything! In the relatively short time we’ve been together, he has shown me what it is to really, truly love someone. He makes sure I know how much he loves me, he’s supportive, he believes in me, and he pushes me to do things I never thought I could do before.

Honestly, I just feel lucky to have met him. And the fact that he’s mine just makes it even better.

img 6622 e1516966041240 Whats Your One Thing?



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