Sarah –

Today is Go Texan Day. GO TEXAN DAY! We are supposed to be wearing our Cowboy Gear. Waiting on the trail riders to get into town. Cookoff was last night. Rodeo parade is tomorrow. The Rodeo Run is tomorrow. COME ON PEOPLE COWBOY UP!

There are two offenders today. One is our co-worker Ashley who I want to serve as an example of what not to do. She was here for her first year in Texas and she came in, in her Texans Jersey. Now, I love the Texans as much as you but it was GO TEXAN day.  I can understand the confusion. Then there’s Lauren Kelly who has lived here her WHOLE LIFE and she came in today in a Chicago sweatshirt.

It’s Go Texan Day. YOU HAD ONE JOB!


Geoff – 

I know that the sale of the Miami Marlins probably wasn’t on most people’s radars, but something very interesting happened this week! The now former owner, Jeffrey Loria, has long been regarded as the worst person in sports. This story might take the cake. Loria got the City of Miami to pay for a brand new baseball park a few years ago. In return, he promised that if he ever sold his team, he would give the City of Miami a HUGE cut of the profits. To the shock of absolutely no one who follows sports, Loria sold the team a few months ago and then tried to keep all the money! When the City asked for details of the sale, Loria sent them a one page note saying that he didn’t make a profit on the $1.2 BILLION sale! He didn’t even send any numbers breaking down the deal!! But the courts weren’t hearing it.

That ruling does not end the case, but it does provide Miami-Dade with more time to build its claim against Loria, which would’ve had a rapidly approaching deadline if Loria had complied with his responsibilities to document his profits, or lack thereof.

Just give Miami some money, Jeff!!! You have ONE job!!


Lauren – 

For Christmas, I got my boyfriend Gabe tickets to see his favorite band Rebelution at House of Blues and the show was last night. I was so proud of myself. Got tickets for him, myself, his brother and his BFF so we’d all have a great time. I had the night planned OUT! We grabbed dinner before, we ubered downtown, we were on time, and READY TO GO.

We get to the venue, and low and behold I COUDLN’T FIND THE TICKETS. I swore I grabbed them. I checked my purse, I checked my pocket. I checked my email on my phone. NOTHING.

I didn’t mention it to the boys until right as we were walking up because I felt so bad. I didn’t know how I was going to explain that I didn’t have the tickets on me, and knew I was going to have to go back home to get them. So I told Gabe first.

He looked at me, shook his head, and then said…

I’ve had the tickets in my pocket the whole time.

Oh, right.



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