Thank you to Meaghan Brewer who sent this is to Facebook. It’s the most ridiculous reason’s that people have broken up with someone.

Think about it?

What one thing did they do that looking back you realized it was small but you just couldn’t take it.



Once broke up with someone because they couldn’t chew with their mouth closed.



After years of being together with one gal, I finally broke it off because I had proven to everyone that I would stay with her longer than they told her I would. Side note: I was a huge jerk when I was younger.



I never thought about this much before, but I guess it was a pretty stupid reason to end it with someone…

Let’s just say if someone isn’t willing to be seen in a picture with you that may happen to be put on social media, then there’s probably someone they don’t want to see it. I ended it with someone before because they refused to be tagged on Facebook with me. Now don’t get me wrong, I totally understand if it’s a work/school/job thing, but this definitely was not the case. He was clearly not wanting a specific someone to see.


(Gabe lets me take and tag as many pics of him as I want FYI, lol)



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