I was reading a post this morning that asked the question. What is success? How do you define success?

I know right. Deep thinking on a Thursday.

I sat and thought about this for a while before I started writing this. Because, for me and maybe for you, my definition of success has changed over the years. I thought when I first started in radio that success was going to be defined with money and all that came with that. What I realized over time and with life, that in hard times and loss, money never held my hand. By the way, when I say money, I mean paying my car payment, electric bill and being able to go out for a girls night without stressing. I’m not talking MTV cribs. I grew up where money was always a worry. We were a single-parent one-income household that lived with my grandparents but we were HAPPY! Always HAPPY!

So now, with a few years under my belt, if you can bear with me, I want to share what I believe success is.

Success isn’t what you see on TV. Sometimes we mistake, money and fame and possession for success but it isn’t. Happiness is success. There were times in my life and I am sure in yours where you living what you thought was your dream and you weren’t happy and it wasn’t worth it. I am reminded of being a child. My brother and sister and I all sharing the basement for our room and I remember how happy we were. Six people in a house with one bathroom and it didn’t matter. In fact, I miss those days.

We can get so caught up in chasing something that we believe we want that we forget to slow down and remember where we are. Life is too short to be or do anything that doesn’t make you 100% happy. There will be bad days, there always are in life but reminding yourself that you have succeeded makes those days easier and make the good days, even better.

Cheers to Success.


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