Lauren eliminated herself with:

What season is it best to go on a trampoline? Spring time!


Shockingly, Sarah also eliminated herself:

Why do Texas baseball fans love Chip & Dale? They’re been known to Rescue Rangers.


The best of the rest:

Why didn’t the rooster go on the roller coaster? He was chicken!

What kinds of cats like to go bowling? Alley cats.

Why did the lions go to Simba’s naming ceremony? Because it was the mane event.

Who’s Mickey Mouse’s favorite pop star? Britney Ears.

Where do you look for kittens in the library? In the card cat-alog.

Why are shellfish so strong? Because their muscles.

What did Pooh Bear say when Rabbit offered him some more honey? “No, thank you. I’m stuffed.”

What is the scariest day for a fish? Fry-day!

Why is it bad idea to work for elephants? They pay peanuts.

Where’s a cow’s  favorite place to go on a date? MOOOO-VIES!

Why did Captain Hook’s Pirate Ship fly? Because it never lands.


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