Lauren Kelly’s Family Met Boyfriend Gabe’s Family

Author: Lauren Kelly

I honestly can’t believe it took my family so long to meet my boyfriend Gabe’s family. Can you guys believe that after meeting last summer we’ve already been dating for 9 months? Crazy!

Gabe had already met my family separately, and I had met his…but the two families had never met in person, so I thought my birthday dinner would be the perfect place to do it! And it was!

I had my parents, sisters, brothers in law and all of their kids come with us, along with Gabe’s mom, brother Ev (Hot Gym Guy lol) his girlfriend Kara, and his younger brother Alex. Unfortunately his dad had to work.

But it went so well! Everyone got along, and had a great time! I knew they would, and it just made me love them all even more. I feel very lucky, and very blessed.

So that begs the question…how did it go when your family met your girlfriend or boyfriend’s family? Smoothly? Or horribly?

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