4 Year Old Boy Donating Marrow To Save Twin Brothers Lives

When Michael DeMasi Jr. found out he could help save his little twin brothers’ lives, he was ready to be their superhero. On March 8, the 4-year-old Philadelphia boy will undergo a bone marrow transplant, because he is the only match in his family for his 4-month-old brothers Santino and Giovanni.

His twin brothers were diagnosed with chronic granulomatous disease (CGD), a rare immune disorder that affects only one in 500,000 people a year. Michael’s proud mom, Robin, told Good Morning Philadelphia, “He goes to the doctor when he gets the labs for the pre-testing and he says ‘I’m a real-life superhero. He says I’m going to save my baby brothers.'”

This isn’t the first time the DeMasi family had to face this diagnosis. Their eldest son Dominick, 9, was born with CGD too, but received a stem cell transplant from an outside donor.

Because of these trying times, the DeMasi’s had to quit their jobs to take care of their children. She stays at the hospital with the twins while the dad stays at home with their other two children. Robin shared that her family has lost their car and their home and are currently living with in-laws.

To help support them during this difficult time, Robin’s sister started a GoFundMe page.

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