Coldplay’s Chris Martin Teaches Daughter to Play Beatles Song

By Hayden Wright

Chris Martin has toured the world and sold millions of albums as the frontman of Coldplay — and now he’s passing that musical ability on to the next generation.

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Martin’s ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow has shared a video of the musician helping their daughter Apple hone her guitar skills. Their song of choice? “Yesterday” by the Beatles.

It’s no secret that The Beatles had a major impact on Martin’s musicianship and general approach to pop-rock (is it just a coincidence that his daughter shares the same name as the Beatles’ record company?). Under her dad’s guidance, Apple might have a show business future herself.

Paltrow (from whom Martin famously “consciously” uncoupled in 2014), captioned the video “Guitar time” with an apple emoji.

Watch the Martin family music lesson here:

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