Would You Have Said Yes To Arie?

Unless you have been living under a rock you know then Arie proposed, went back on the proposal and then PROPOSED AGAIN last night!

He initially chose Becca, the brunette, they’re all in love and happy but at some point he said he needed to contact Lauren and because he still had feelings. Becca assumed that it was to get closure, it was NOT!

He didn’t have her number so he reached out on the GRAM! On New Year’s EVE!

They talked and that’s when Arie found out he loved her and NOT his fiance’! So did he tell Becca that, nah,not yet, let’s wait a bit so I’m sure Lauren loves me. Oh she does. Let’s bring in all the cameras and break up with Becca.

Then the two, Lauren and Arie are reunited last night and while BECCA IS IN THE BUILDING! You proposed to Lauren! Come on!

Now, I’m not doubting they love each other and we all know that cupid is crazy but how can you be sure that he’s not going to do this to you?

Would you have said yes to Arie?
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