All these folks had to do was ONE thing and they totally blew it!


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I am a mother of a beautiful 5-year-old and it’s his first season of t-ball.  They had team photos this past weekend and my husband was there with the Dad’s getting the fields ready so I was in charge of dressing our son for his first game.  My husband asked me three times  if I was sure of the uniform and I got so annoyed I finally hung up.  We get to the field and I’m so proud of myself. I have the t-ball bag packed, I have the snacks, I brought my husband sunflower seeds. I  didn’t even have my son wear his jersey in the car so he didn’t get anything sticky on it. We pull up to the field and I reach in the bag to grab the jersey out and it’s his soccer jersey and not his baseball one. Needless to say my son played the first three innings in his soccer jersey before I got back to the field with the right one and when my husband saw me, I said don’t say a word. Then he said, I  thought you knew the jersey.

So to my husband, who didn’t have to pack the bag, or get our son ready, or get him to the park who I let spend the morning hanging out with the dads, I asked you to say nothing and you couldn’t do it! You have one job!




I’m a big Star Wars fan. Like, HUGE. It was my entire childhood and I’ve done a great job brainwashing my kids into liking Star Wars too! I was very excited to see that Mr. Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, was given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Everyone seemed so excited about it. Well, everyone but the creator of Star Wars, George Lucas.

Come on, George. Be proud of what you made. What’s with that frown?!?!?! You had one job!!!



Last night I went to see Luke Bryan at the rodeo, and it was his SEVENTH time to play the Rodeo Houston stage!

It was a huge crowd, almost sold out…over 70,000 people. the brand new star stage was lookin good…Luke comes out. Goes straight into Huntin Fishin and Lovin everyday, people are excited, they’re standing up, the lighters are lit and NRG looks amazing.

He gets a few songs in, and the excitement is still there. So many Snapchats are going, but then BOOM. Luke starts to sing “Crash My Party,” and forgets the lyrics.

He turns to the sides of the stadium where the lyrics are scrolling for the closed caption, and says “I forgot the words. Y’all help me out, hold on, I gotta read ’em.”

To Luke Bryan…who forgot his own song lyrics at his SEVENTH rodeo performance…


(the new stage looks awesome tho!)


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