Amber Heard Accusing Johnny Depp Of Domestic AbuseThese are some serious claims she's got here...
Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Are Getting DivorcedOh man, this has NOT been a good week for Johnny Depp :-(
Lauren's Lowdown: 2015 Emmy Award Nominees; Amber Heard Going To Jail??Katy Perry already won an Emmy...and why Johnny Depp's girlfriend may be heading to Australian jail!! Get today's lowdown!
Johnny Depp Back On The Sauce?Amber is apparently NOT HAPPY with Johnny.
Johnny Depp’s persistence paid off! He won back over an ex! Johnny Depp couldn't get over his summer love, Amber Heard. She wanted some distance since they both just got out of a serious relationship but Johnny went to extreme measures to win her back.. He wrote her love letters every day for a month! But how could Johnny come up with that many poems? Kidd and the morning crew tried to come up with some poems of their own. How did there poems work out?
Johnny Depp's mistress is single now too.. Will they go public soon?Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s love affair has been going on for awhile.. And now that they are both newly single, they may not hide it anymore.
Johnny Depp bought his mistress a horseJohnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis just announced that they decided to part ways after 14 years together but this split has been a long time coming. Johnny's been hooking up with Rum Diaries co-star for awhile and he just bought her a lavish gift.

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