Ryan Murphy Announces New Theme For 'American Horror Story' Season 7Any guesses on what it;s going to be??
[WATCH] Lady Gaga Teases New Season Of 'American Horror Story'It looks like it's gonna be another good (creepy) one!
American Horror Story: Hotel...WHAT DID WE JUST SEE??!Anyone else watch the season premiere of AHS:Hotel last night with their jaw ON THE GROUND the whole time?!!
First Glimpse Of Lady Gaga In American Horror Story [VIDEO]OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG! "American Horror Story: Hotel" fans, CLICK THIS LINK RIGHT FREAK'IN NOW!
Lady Gaga Stuck In HOT New Love TriangleLady Gaga has a HOT new love decision to make on the upcoming 'American Horror Story: Hotel'...hope her fiance Taylor Kinney doesn't mind!
Lady Gaga Announces 'American Horror Story Season 5!Little Monsters! Lady Gaga just tweeted a video about "AHS" season 5, and it looks like she's a part of it!!
'Lauren's Lowdown': Neil Patrick Harris Headed To 'Freak Show'; Which Celeb Changed Her EYE COLOR?Heads up American Horror Story fans...Neil Patrick Harris AND his husband are headed to the Freak Show! Also, find out which celebrity surgically changed the COLOR OF HER EYES. Whaatt??
'Lauren's Lowdown': Amanda Bynes In Another Psych Hold; 'South Park' Pokes Fun At LordeAmanda Bynes is back under another psychiatric hold, and Lorde gets made fun of on South Park...and is totally ok with it!
"American Horror Story" Drinking GameGuaranteed to make tonight's premiere WAY MORE fun! Click here for the rules.
American Horror Story: Freak Show "Official Extended Trailer" [VIDEO]We're a little more than 4 weeks away from the premiere of "Freak Show." Wait until you see this extended trailer featuring Jessica Lange and Kathy Bates, NOW!
'Lauren's Lowdown': Britney Spears DUMPS Boyfriend; Joan Rivers Hospital UpdateDon't cheat on Britney Spears...SHE WILL DUMP YOU SO FAST! Get the scoop on her breakup, plus get an update on Joan Rivers' hospitalization in today's lowdown!
Cher To Star In “American Horror Story: Freak Show?” [VIDEO] WAIT, WHAT? Cher on "American Horror Story: Freak Show"? See for yourself!

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