When Are You TOO OLD To Dress Up For Halloween?Do you think that adult should NOT be dressing up for Halloween?
Man Gets Parasite Infection From Eating Eating SushiSushi lovers beware! 🍣
JJ Watt Pens Article For Players Tribune With Headline "Am I Done?"This was a FANTASTIC read straight from JJ himself this morning, and I promise it has a happy ending!
Texans Cheerleaders Featured In 'Muscle & Fitness' MagazineMove over JJ, find out out how some of the hottest Houston ladies in the NFL stay in such great shape!
[UPDATE] JJ Watt Responds To The Internet Freaking Out Because He's SingleLadies...why do I find this a little hard to believe about Mr. Mega Watt?? I think I know someone who can help! ;-)
30 Things You May Not Already Know About Justin TimberlakeDid you know that Justin dated Fergie once when she was 23 and he was SIXTEEN?? Or that his nickname back in the day was "pizza face"?? Read the whole list here!
Rihanna Talks About Chris Brown Incident

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