96 Second News: Rock Legend Tom Petty Has Passed Away; Updates On Las Vegas ShootingThe music world lost another great yesterday, plus we've got more updates coming out of Las Vegas.
96 Second News: DeMario Jackson NOT Returning To 'Bachelor In Paradise'; Bill Cosby Wants To Educate YouYou WON'T be able to see DeMario on 'BIP' this summer, Rihanna's dating advice for a fan, Bill Cosby's new town hall meetings and more!
'Lauren's Lowdown': Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis Welcome Baby; Where To See Ben Affleck's Goods In 'Gone Girl'Details on Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher becoming parents, and find out where you can see all of Ben Affleck's GOODS in his new movie "Gone Girl" ;-)
'Lauren's Lowdown': Mila Kunis Reveals Baby Gender; Oprah Makes Pharrell CryAshton Kutcher's fiance Mila Kunis just announced the gender of their baby-to-be, find out what they're having! Also, what did Oprah say to Pharrell to make him cry?? Find out in today's lowdown!
30 Things You May Not Already Know About Justin TimberlakeDid you know that Justin dated Fergie once when she was 23 and he was SIXTEEN?? Or that his nickname back in the day was "pizza face"?? Read the whole list here!
'Lauren's Lowdown': Mila Kunis Pregnant; Lady Gaga Debut's "G.U.Y." VideoDid you hear the news? Mila Kunis is PREGGO! And see which 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' made it into Lady Gaga's new music video! Check out today's lowdown!
'Lauren's Lowdown': Robin Thicke Tries To Get Paula Patton Back; Katy Perry Delivers BabyRobin Thicke and Paula Patton may have split earlier this week, but he's already trying to get her back! And Katy Perry delivered...a baby? Get today's LOWDOWN!
'Lauren's Lowdown': Dancing With The Stars Crowns A Winner; Is Mila Kunis Pregnant?Who took home the mirror ball trophy on the season 17 of 'Dancing With The Stars' last night, and is Ashton Kutcher trying to hide a pregnant Mila Kunis from the paparazzi??
'Lauren's Lowdown': Jimmy Kimmel King Of Viral Videos; Demi & Ashton Back Together?That Twerk Video FAIL was a HOAX! Also, Demi & Ashton spotted together, and Oprah Winfrey likes DALLAS better than Houston!
Miley Cyrus Swatted, Again According to reports, Miley Cyrus has been swatted again. For the second time, police and SWAT units from the city of Los Angeles were sent to Cyrus' home. This weekend's swatting incident marks the second for the pop sensation.
Boy Charged In Ashton Kutcher 'Swatting' PrankA boy has been charged in the Ashton Kutcher "Swatting" prank this week. Due to his age, his name was not released.
Ashton Kutcher Is Highest Paid Actor On TV Actor List Forbes' Highest Paid TV actor list features actors who are very well paid but one of them is the highest paid of them all; the title of highest paid belongs to Ashton Kutcher.

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