Texas Man Trapped In ATM Pushed Note Out Through Receipt SlotAt 2 p.m. Wednesday a contractor got stuck in teh Bank of America branch's ATM while changing a lockin inside a room that connects to the drive through ATM.  
96 Second News: Shia LeBouf Apologizes, Kid Rock's Running For Senate; Chipotle's Selling QuesoGet your 96 Second News for Thursday!
Sprinkles Cupcakes Set To Open 'Cupcake ATM'I know you've made cash withdrawls from an ATM before, but have you ever thought of making a cupcake withdrawal?
ATM Glitch Let's Man Withdraw Over $1.5 Million DollarsThat's a balance I wouldn't mind seeing on my account statement! An ATM glitch accidentally let a Detroit man withdraw way more money than he actually had!

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