Wanna Hear T-Pain Without Auto Tune?
Dubstep, Auto-Tune, Selfie Among New Words in 2014 DictionaryMore than 150 new words and definitions were added to Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary 2014 edition. Among the notable pop-culture terms officially added to the language are dubstep, which will inevitably infuriate those who can't stand the genre, Auto-Tune, fangirl and, possibly the country's most widely used new term, selfie. (The Chainsmokers must be giggling).
The Girl With The 'Auto-Tuned' Voice! [VIDEO] Auto-tuned vocals are nothing new when it comes to musicians and singing. From entertainers like T-Pain and Kanye West to Alice Cooper, Cher and Miley Cyrus, auto-tuned components give singers "futuristic" sounding voices...until now.
Auto-Tune Goes To The Oscars
Now Another Auto Tune the News Song!
Paramore Covers Viral Antione Dodson Song
The "Bed Intruder" Interview Is A HIT On Youtube.....

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