Here's The Most Uniquely Popular Side Dish In Every StateGoogle just released a list of the unique Thanksgiving side dishes that people in each state search for the most.
This Is Who Should Get The Armrests On An AirplaneOnly 42% of people say the person in the middle seat deserves both. So who is entitled to having two?
The Relative Most Likely To Get Drunk At ThanksgivingAccording to a new survey, the top candidates include your uncle, one of your cousins, your brother and you!
Stove Top Stuffing Is Selling Expandable Waist Thanksgiving PantsStove Top is selling you pants so you can eat more of their stuffing!
Check Out the Most Popular Thanksgiving Food in Every StateA new study found the most popular Thanksgiving food in every state based on the recipes people search for the most.
The First Person Has Been Lined Up For Black Friday Since Last TuesdayThis man is in Laredo, but won't say his name because "he's not doing it to be famous."
Flipped It! Somebody Used Tiny Pizzas As A Pineapple ToppingIf you don't like pineapple on your pizza, how about some pizza on your pineapple?
This Is When Stores Start Playing Their Christmas MusicA new study found when stores start playing Christmas music. Best Buy is first, but Target and Home Depot will wait until Black Friday.
Listening To Christmas Music Too Early In The Season Is Bad For Your Mental HealthListening to Christmas music right now could be bad for your mental health, according to a psychologist.
The Best Season For Sleeping Is Finally HereGet ready for some serious shut eye! Science has proven which season is best for rest.
Fashion Company Sells $736 Dress That Looks Like A Plastic Dry Cleaning BagJust think: all your future dresses could be right from the dry cleaner now!
The Majority Of Us Lie To Our Relatives To Avoid Uncomfortable Sleeping Situations During The HolidaysUnfortunately, 81% of us have wound up losing the battle and sleeping on the couch, the floor, or even in a tent in the backyard.

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