Not Washing Your Eyelash Extensions Leads to Eye Mites!Afraid to wash them because they are expensive? May want to think again.
Heart Stopping: Semi Truck Driver Slams on His Brakes to Avoid Hitting a KidHe forgot rule number 1 of crossing a street!
Six Ways You're Cleaning Your House That Actually Make It DirtierI had no idea I've been screwing it up!
Men Spend a Full Year of Their Lives in the BathroomYou're literally wasting your life sitting on the toilet.
VIDEO: A Houston Donut Shop Robber Gives Customers Free FoodThe Houston Police Department shared surveillance video.
VIDEO: An Uber Passenger Steals the Driver's TipsWith a camera pointed right at her too!
Cage Caught a GHOST In The Baby Monitor!Take a look at the monitor in the lower right corner.
Taylor Swift Teases "Ready For It" Video. Looks Neked.
Cage Makes a Pumpkin Spice Death Shake8 ingredients, one blender.
Watch Demi Lovato's New Documentary "Simply Complicated" Here
Two Firefighters Reenact "Dirty Dancing" For a Safety VideoNail "The Lift"
Teen Collapses a Lung Screaming at a One Direction ConcertAnd she managed to confuse doctors on how she got two other crazy symptoms.

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