(pic) You Miss Seeing Hot Tonga Flag Guy At The Olympics On Fri?The world lost their mind over a guy named Pita during the opening ceremony.
Front Porch Package Thief Receives Instant KarmaShe grabs the packages but botches the exit.
A Domino's Delivery Guy Eats the Toppings Off Someone's PizzaSecurity cameras caught a pizza guy grazing off someone's pizza.
Shoppers in France Riot For Discount NutellaA grocery store had a huge discount on Nutella spread and video caught shoppers losing their minds.
Beachgoers Clap In Unison to Help a Lost Child Find His MomParents in Brazil have a brilliant way of reuniting lost kids with their parents.
Tequila is Good For Your BonesThis is science we support!
Guy Tries to Skip Paying at Train Station Gets His Man Parts STUCK in Ticket GateA guy trying to jump over the gate gets INSTANT karma!
A Driver Confuses Gas For Brake at Bank Drive Through, Ramps Over CarHe was leaning out his window when the car sped off!
A Reporter is Video-Bombed by T-Rex CostumesKeep an eye above her shoulder.
Not Washing Your Eyelash Extensions Leads to Eye Mites!Afraid to wash them because they are expensive? May want to think again.
Heart Stopping: Semi Truck Driver Slams on His Brakes to Avoid Hitting a KidHe forgot rule number 1 of crossing a street!
Six Ways You're Cleaning Your House That Actually Make It DirtierI had no idea I've been screwing it up!

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