Restaurant Caught Serving Popeyes Chicken As Its Own, Say They're Proud Of ItLocal man was eating at a restaurant and caught them bringing their chicken in from Popeyes. When he wrote about it on Yelp, they responded by saying they were proud they bring in lots of local food to serve to their customers.
Signs Your Partner Is CheatingExpert says she sees more woman than men cheating and these are the signs you should be looking for.
Top Secret Purchases Your Significant Other Is Making!Here's the top five!
Husband Has 6-Year Affair, Wife Forgives Him And Now They're Celebrating 32 Years TogetherWould you forgive your significant other for having an affair or would you leave them??
Chris Rock Opens Up About His InfidelityThe comedian is heading out on tour for what he's calling his "alimony tour."
The Top Excuses Men Use When Cheating
See Some Of The Released Ashley Madison Emails!Actual email addresses from the mega-hack of an affair website.
Chris Young Responds To RumorsDenies any involvement in Blake and Miranda's divorce.
Who's Blaming Who?Update: Blake Shelton/ Miranda Lambert divorce
That Moment When Getting Caught Cheating On Live TV Goes Viral
Where People Meet The Ones They Cheat WithEver wonder where your spouse might meet someone they'll cheat on you with?
Is Demi Moore Showing Off Ashton Kutcher's 'Goods'? Is Demi Moore is seeking "revenge " on Ashton Kutcher by showing off his less-than-impressive goods?

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