CeeLo Green, Rod Stewart Premiere Christmas Classic! [VIDEO] With it being just about halfway to Christmas, chances are you have heard every Christmas song sung by just about every singer. But there is more yuletide cheer to be had by way of iconic rocker Rod Stewart and Cee Lo Green!
Mariah Carey Gives Christmas Classic A Remake! [VIDEO] What do you get when you combine one pop music diva with a hip hop group, a television host, children and toy instruments? The answer is a Christmas song that hits the right notes of holiday fun and festiveness!
DMX Shares Holiday Cheer; Offers Christmas Classic Remixed! [VIDEO] For many of us, the holiday season can be one of chaos and sadness; however, the chaos and sadness stop here. Hip Hop artist DMX is offering you some holiday cheer by way of a Christmas classic, remixed, "DMX style"!

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