Lauren Kelly's Weekend In Five PhotosThe weekend before Halloween was a COLD ONE!
If You Had To Dress Up As Your Worst Nightmare, What Would It Be?
Can A 4-Year-Old Wear Make-Up?If it's for a dance recital is it ok?
Josh Brolin Recreates 'Goonies' Role For 80's-Themed PartyThis. Is. AWESOME.
Adele Dressed Up As What For Halloween?Leave it to her to look s-s-s-smookin! Check out the pics.
Heidi Klum Clones Herself For Halloween PartyHeidi is known for throwing one of the biggest Halloween parties in LA, did you see her costume this year??
Kylie Jenner Dressed Up As "Dirrty" Christina Aguilera, And Xtina LOVED ITDid you guys see Kylie's costume? She NAILED it!!
Did You Guys See "Deadpool" On I-45 This Morning?This is too funny not to share!
[WACH] Ryan Reynold Curses Out Kids In Deadpool CostumeHave y'all seen Ryan Reynolds dressed as "Deadpool" cursing out these kids on Halloween??
Kristen Wiig's Hilarious 'Tonight Show' Interview As GoT Character [VIDEO]Kristen Wiig stayed in full 'Game of Thrones' character Khaleesi during her 'Tonight Show' interview last night, and of course it was hilarious!
Dog Dressed As A Teddy Bear Is The Cutest Thing EVER!Have y'all seen this video yet? I.Can't.EVEN!! So cute!!
Katy Perry Unrecognizable In Hilarious "Birthday" Video TeaserOmg, the new trailer for Katy Perry's "Birthday" music video is hysterical! Y'all have to watch!

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