Woman Fakes Her Own Death To Go On Shopping Spree With Her HusbandTurns out you can't do that, lady. They got caught and now they're looking at up to 30 years in prison.
A Woman Crashes A Wedding To Spy On Boyfriend, Ends Up In Brawl With The BridesmaidsWhen she saw him kiss another woman, she ran up and punched her. The bridesmaids beat her up, and she wound up getting arrested for battery.
A Kid Fights Off An Evil Clown By Beating Him Up With A Selfie StickAn 11-year-old kid was grabbed by someone dressed as a clown. Even though he managed to beat up the clown with his selfie stick, the cops are trying to track down the clown.
Lufkin Woman Slips Handcuffs And Steals Cop CarIt started as a shoplifting arrest, but ended as a high speed chase!
Woman On First Date Attempts To Throw Her Unflushable Poop Out The Window, Needs Fire Department To Rescue HerAfter the toilet wouldn't flush, a woman tried to throw her poop out the window. She ended up getting stuck and the fire department had to rescue her. Now the guy is crowdfunding a replacement window.
A Car Thief Pulled Over To Watch the Eclipse And Got ArrestedA car thief in Florida (duh, where else?) pulled over to watch the eclipse, but then the cops used that chance to move in and arrest him.
Guy Proposes To His Girl While Getting Arrested!A few warrants can't stop true love.
Couple Arrested After Mom Breastfeeds Baby While Drinking And Smoking at BarNot winning Mother of the Year for this one!
Mom Allegedly Hands Off 2-Year-Old Son To Total Strangers"I Can't Do It"
Drunk Dad Got Arrested At Disney World On Mother's DayPolice should probably pursue further charges against this guy.
Freed After Wrongfully Imprisoned for 39 Years!Almost four decades in jail for a crime he didn't commit.
Mom Slaps Her 6 Year Old For Not Making A Mother's Day CardWe know who's going to be in the running for Worst Mom of the Year!

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